The world where a size 8 is too big and a size 14 is too small…

I had to share this recent article from the Gold Coast Bulletin regarding two gorgeous and accomplished women who do not fit the “standard size” for either the waif-like body type nor the plus size body, according to the model industry experts.

Australian model Laura Wells
Laura Wells. Picture: Jaclyn Nathan

Austrialian model and environmental scientist Laura Wells has been told time and again that she is not big enough and needs to gain weight in order to continue getting work in plus size modeling assignments.  A size 14, she has had to use padding at times for certain jobs.

Meanwhile size 8 model Jordan Simek has had so many negative comments regarding her body (“she’ll never make it as a runway model”).

What must we do to change this ridiculous judging mentality?  As the article pointed out, we must learn to respect ourselves and demand that respect from others – we come in all shapes and sizes after all!  And yes it is our responsibility to teach this lesson to our girls.

Here’s the link the article: the-world-where-a-size-8-is-too-big-and-a-size-14-is-too-small

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