Tim Gunn: Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It’s a disgrace.

When I was chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne Inc., I spent a good amount of time on the road hosting fashion shows to highlight our brands. Our team made a point of retaining models of various sizes, shapes and ages, because one of the missions of the shows was to educate audiences about how they could look their best. At a Q&A after one event in Nashville in 2010, a woman stood up, took off her jacket and said, with touching candor: “Tim, look at me. I’m a box on top, a big, square box. How can I dress this shape and not look like a fullback?” It was a question I’d heard over and over during the tour: Women who were larger than a size 12 always wanted to know, How can I look good, and why do designers ignore me?

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Finding my healthy

Growing up I was always chubby. For as long as I could remember that was just who I was, and today it still is. However, this time around I’m chubby and active! When I was 23 my knees started to bother me and my Back started hurting so I knew I had to make some type of change. I didn’t do anything crazy, I just stated working out. A year and a half later I had lost about 35 lbs. when I started I didn’t have a “goal body” I just wanted to feel better. I loved myself enough to want to be the best version of me. Working out gave me this feeling that was just amazing. I felt better, I had more energy, it gave me more confidence in myself. I would post my healthy tips and gym workouts on my IG page. Soon after other plus size women would DM me saying how they didn’t feel comfortable workout at the gym, but they want to workout! That’s when I decided to start BODY POSITIVE FITNESS LA with my best friend. I wanted to create a atmosphere where women could come in feel comfortable in their body and just workout! I am a firm believer that skinny doesn’t mean healthy, but being active does!
Personal IG: plussizebeautytejera
Fitness IG: bodypositivefitnessla

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