Hayley Herms: Being Plus Size Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Fit!

A big shout out to the awesome Hayley Herms and her recent post about Vivacity!

Hey, Everyone!

This blog post is all about my new favorite work out clothes from @VivacitySportswear and WHY I’m losing weight! Lately the weather in LA and Orange County has been insanely moody and I never know when I’m going to work out, whether it be day or night. There’s been a cool breeze lately that I just need to wear something that keeps my temperate stable other than a sports bra, that is breathable, and is easy to move in. My new favorite top that does all that?

The Mindy Short Sleeve Top from Vivacity #FitKnowsNoSize (Vivacitysportswear.com)!

About a month ago, Vivacity was kind of enough to send me this top and I honestly fell in love with it. It’s SO soft, it doesn’t roll up my stomach when I work out, it keeps the cold out, and most importantly, its BREATHABLE material so I don’t feel like I’m suffocating! They have sizes ranging from 0 – 30, fun colors, and a great selection of luxury work out apparel that you can keep for a long time instead of feeling like you’re buying new work out clothes all the time. Be sure to check them out for a comfortable, cute, and kick ass work out.

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Size: I’m wearing a medium which is size (20/22).

For a while now, I contemplated whether or not I should tell people why I was losing weight because I just personally feel like it’s no ones business. The past 9 months I’ve been sharing more photos of me working out, hiking, circuits, etc., but unfortunately I’ve been getting a lot of HATE comments for working out and not working out enough. These comments ranging from you sold out, you just want to be a skinny plus size model”, “why are you losing weight if you’re a plus size model” and more people telling me what to do with my body.

“Don’t lose too much weight!”

“Don’t you think you’re promoting obesity”.

There are SO many reasons why I chose to lose weight so I’ve decided to share it to end all the rumors. My first and most important reason – my future family! If anyone knows me, they know I want a HUGE family. In saying that, if I have 4 – 8 kids one day, I want to be in the BEST physical condition to bare children and to keep up with them. NOTHING, and I mean it, against plus size moms, but lets face the hard truth. There are some things in life (mostly adventurous things) that have actual safety weight limits such as carnival/fair rides in the summer time, parasailing in Peru, or horse back riding in the waters of Hawaii and I want to experience of all it myself with family/friends. So I run with the motto – start while I’m young, while I’m young and weight is more easy to lose. I do it now so when I’m ready to have babies, I provide the best home a mother could.

Second, working out really helps my mental health. It keeps me motivated, positive, and gives me LOADS of energy. Having the busy schedule I do, I’m always traveling and alone so having a good mental health is important to me. I personally love to go to Runyon Canyon for hikes when I’m feeling I need an emotional health day or even just some plain inspiration.

Third, it helps my stamina on stage! If you didn’t know, I’m singer/songwriter/rapper so when I’m on stage, in rehearsal, or in the studio – its easier to keep up, sing, and dance when your stamina is higher! It keeps me on point.

Lastly, I just like to work out in general and it really shouldn’t matter why I do it as long as I’m being healthy and safe – same goes for everyone else! Whether you work out every day, once a week, once a month, or once a year – do whats right for you at your own pace and remember…

All bodies are great bodies!!!




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Hayley xoxo